O is for...
S is for...

P is for...

Perfectly Pampered.

Handknit socks arrived in the mail today. In the mail. They are finished, they are done, they are ready to wear. That means I didn't knit them. They were knit FOR me.

Socks.Knit.FOR.Me. !!!

This is the second time socks were knit for me. Celia knit the first pair which I won in a contest (they accompanied me nicely to a recent, cold football game in Green Bay). This pair...

In October I complained about it being cold outside and having cold feet. (Hello. It is now December -- many degrees colder and a way lot snowier and that was NOTHING to complain about!) I also proclaimed that, while I had small stash of sock yarn, I was resigned to the fact that I didn't really like knitting socks and all that yarn would have to become something else.

So Lora offered to knit me a pair. Of socks. Just because.

I can't tell you how that makes me feel... maybe you can tell by the look on my face! Well, that and the wool smells so DARN good. I'm practically swooning here, bordering on delirious.

Thank you, Lora. Thank you so much. ; )



What a wonderful photo!


Lora rocks! (as do you :)


What good friends they are.


You deserve it, honey! Enjoy!


As I opened your blog, the look on your face told me you were happy. That look says it all!


Precious! I hope someone remids you that you wear socks on your feet!! We are sending more snow and cold your way too - sorry!


That's a gorgeous photo of you! I love your motoring thru the ABC-Along. I did it in spurts, too, and I kind of think it's more fun that way.

I also got pampered with handknit socks this week! I have to get a photo and post it to the blog.


Lucky you! You sure do look happy.

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