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Q is for...

Quintessential ornament. This is one of Grandma's -- Mom's mom -- who died when I was 8. It is not the most beautiful ornament on my tree, but it is definitely amongst the most treasured.

I wanted it to be Quonset hut, but the nearest favorite was recently torn down. I don't know what it is I like about those things -- simplicity and functionality, possibilities -- but, large or small, they always catch my eye.

Weather and other things conspired against the whole family being together for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Mom's. Everyone from the north made it, but no one from the south. I think we're going to try and revive our New Year's bonfire/fireworks celebration next week when (hopefully) conditions will be more favorable. Fireworks in the snow are awesome and we certainly have plenty of snow!

We had a lovely meal tonight, though. Mom made a big pot of short ribs, I made a beautiful ensalade caprese with a bunch of different tomatoes and marinated artichoke hearts, and DH made pies (of course). We sat around and talked and laughed, shared some gifts, and had a nice time.

Thank you all for such wonderful supportive words yesterday. What my sister learned by way of details was basically this: nothing definitive, more tests and scans (the next on Friday). She -- we all -- will have good days and bad, but we'll take them all one at a time.



I have some old ornaments like that and I treasure them. The library where I work used to be a quonset hut but we've upgraded to a fancy building now.
Merry Christmas, Vicki!

Vera H.

Merry Christmas!


My mother had many beautiful old glass ornaments like that. They say Christmas to me more than anything else. One day at a time is the best way to live. XO
Merry Christmas, Vicki and family.


Those are the kind of ornaments that decorated our tree when I was a kid, too. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Eve.

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