Caught in the act

R is for...

Ruh-roh. This is supposed to be the Remote for my camera, representing one of the best $20s I ever spent, but I can't find it! I had it last night... have checked all my pockets... aRRRRRgh. So, instead, it's a Cruzer thumb drive standing in and tomorrow's mission is at hand... hopefully, it will be in hand... tomorrow.

It's very possible there will be an FO 'round here before the end of the year! I've scrapped the third (or is it fourth) start of Ali's bulky beret and have started yet another, which seems to be working. I'm lovin' it, actually. The big question is, of course, as usual, whether the yarn will hold out because, naturally, I didn't buy it around here and, in fact, it was bought months ago...



Hope it turns up!


Good luck with the remote finding and a finished object!


Oh no. I LOVE my camera remote! I hope you find yours!


Crossing my thumbs that you find your remote...but wait, then I can't knit. Good luck!

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