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SISTERS.  (On Flickr.)  (Skipping over Q and R for the moment.)  These three are mine.  This is one of the scanned images that (still) refuses to display in Dad's frame.  It's June 1979 at Mount Rushmore (obviously), on the return leg of our first-ever trip together -- just us -- from Wisconsin to Dallas, Oregon, over to and down the Oregon coast (with Dad, his future wife, her kids) all the way to Crescent City, California, and back to Wisconsin.  We'd exchanged my brand new Toyota Corolla for our future stepdad's brand new Ford Fairmont wagon to make the trip.

Memorable Moments:

Staying overnight at a Holiday Inn in Ogden, Utah, and awakening to a snowy mountain June morning.

We helped Dad move their belongings into storage, as they were closing the door on one chapter and opening the next.  Sharon played "The Snake Charmer," the only song that stuck in her brain after all those piano lessons, as the piano was moved through the streets of Dallas in the back of a pickup truck.

Sand dunes.  Sea lions.  Caves.

Playing on the beach at Cape Kiwanda near Pacific City.  Unbeknownst to me, my future husband had just purchased a lot across the road and was preparing to build a house there.  Six years later, I married him in that house.  Six years after that, we were visiting the coast, listening as Katie skipped to a song she made up about "Kate, Kate, Kate Kiwanda!"

Pitching a tent in a mosquito-infested Yellowstone Park on the way back, Annie and I cloaked in whatever we could find to keep from being eaten alive or carried off.  It was awful, and is very likely one of the reasons why I'm not a big fan of camping.

We took a wrong turn (or missed a turn) leaving Yellowstone and ended up spending much of a day in the free-range area of the Montana Rockies.  Karen and I were the only licensed drivers, and I did most of the driving, but somehow she ended up at the wheel during that mountainous, white-knuckle (oh, that was me in the back seat!) drive -- hairpin turns, rock slides, cattle in the road, a long long long way down...  I'm feeling vertigo just remembering it.

Wall Drug.  A serious thing for McD's Egg McMuffins (as often as we could) (OMG, back when they actually made it when you ordered it? Yum).  Scrounging our pockets, the seats and the floor for McMuffin and/or gas money on the way home (we made it!).

Ann-Sharon-KarenAt some point in the mid-80s, we began to get together regularly for what we dubbed "Sister Weekends."  The first ones were in Milwaukee, but we also went to Ohio (Longaberger land) and Kansas.  It had been quite a few years since our last when we got together last month in Mineral Point to celebrate my birthday.  And each other.  Reconnecting.

Today, one of these sisters meets for the first time with her oncologist.  That she has cancer is already known.  The details will be disclosed today.

S is for this is SHITTY news and cancer TOTALLY SUCKS.

S is for SADNESS.
S is for STRENGTH.
S is for please SEND all your good vibes, karma, wishes, prayers, and healing thoughts for my SISTER.

XO, honey, I love you.



What a poignant postand I can sense that tears are near the surface as you posted this. My prayers will be for all of you. I knew there was a reason why I wanted a sister when I was growing up. Both of my SIL became sisters to me and I lost one to cancer five years ago so I know how tough it is when it attacks a loved one. Hope the report is an optimistic one.


Shitty news, indeed, but the Sister Support System is there to help. Good wishes and vibes coming now...


Thoughts are with you, for strength among sisters.


This news does SUCK! Sister strength and support will help you all as you work through the emotions. With every fiber of my being I'm sending good thoughts to all of you.


S is definitely for STRONG and you have one of the strongest families I've ever known.

I miss you and love you and am here for you.

Oh yeah and WALL DRUG! BEEN THERE DONE THAT! Man, that was a long time ago!

Rhonda the StitchingNut

Prayers and hugs go out to you and your sister.


I loved reading your tales about your sister adventures. What a treat. Of course, I'm now crying to hear of the new struggle. Please know that all my hopes and prayers are with your sister (and all the family). *Hugs*


Sending some of my spare energy for things that suck and start with C. Tell your sister to hang in there!


Cancer is indeed shitty, shattering and scary BUT cancer can also be Beaten. B comes before C so it wins (yes, they are my rules and that's that...).

You and your sister will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you all and may this Christmas be very special.


Not much that can be said right now. A good support system, especially emotional, makes a big difference in outcome and your sister definitely has that. Best wishes.


Oh God, I love that '70s girls photo!!! We were HOT, weren't we, in those days? The excellent jeans, the Dr. Scholl's sandals, the great bods (not like the fat-fat girls of today, sadly).

I'm so sad to hear the C-word news. All my best thoughts are being sent your way. XOXO


S is for SOBBING for a sister I don't know but will pray for every day; and for the sister I do know, you know I hold you in my heart every day - now I'm hugging you!!


What a wonderful post. My thoughts are with your family - may the cancer fight be quick and your sister victorious.


Wishing all of the sisters the best for a happy and healthy 2009. Healing thoughts and warm hugs to you all.


I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, Vicki. I know you'll all pull together and get her through this.

steph VW

That news is positively Suckfestian.

I hope your sister kicks cancer in the arse. Thank goodness she has her sisters to help her do it.


oh Vicki.. and your dear sister...
many prayers go out to you this evening...... and they will continue.
what a heart ache.
I will hold the strong image of conquering that beast, and her return to fabulous health.
((hugs)) to you all in this crappy time.

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