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It's like crack. These Noro Striped Scarves take the "just one more row" thing to an entirely new level. I anticipate and can't wait for each subtle change, and then anticipate and can't wait some more. Try it, you'll like it.

This one I'm knitting just as I'm supposed to. Pretty much.



Oh, now you're making me want to knit another!


Everyone, it seems, has caught that scarf bug except me. It sure is purdy!


Don't say try it. I have enough projects to finish by Christmas already. It's so tempting though now that I have experienced Noro.


Sort of like the marathoin viewing of "Battlestar Galactica" I've been engaged in - just one more episode!! I maybe need to switch to those scarves for a while!


I said, "Ooooh!" when that photo opened. Now I want to knit another Noro scarf -- that would be #6.

Sarah R

You, the're evil. You have given me the Noro striped scarf itch so bad!!


Yes. It is. Addictive, that is!
Just two more rows! Next color change! Oh, but the next one!

I finished my own Maddie's scarf tonight, and started a similar hat with the leftovers, since she didn't want a humungo scarf....we'll see if I a) have enough yarn (there's a plan B if so) and b) if it turns out a reasonable size (could be big).

So I don't have to say good-bye yet to the two-row tango!


Oh, I know! I cast one on last night around 9, and already have nearly 2 feet. Every time I get a chance to sit, I find myself striping madly. Even took it to the park and knit between merry-go-round pushing.


I have GOT to knit one of those. I've been saying that forever but I really do. I LOVE them. Beautiful!

Jen (Friender)

Very pretty. I actually have a bag here of many skeins does that take? Enjoying this frigid weather?! It's a little early in the season for it only to be 8 degrees when I take son out to the bus stop.


Ha! Ha! I'm sitting here with a Noro Scarf in my lap knitting as I read blogs...too funny!

I'm not sure if I'm doing my slip stitch row right though because one side seems to be tighter. Are you moving the yarn forward before you slip the last stitch on the second row stripe?

Rebecca Evers

ME Too, can't quit the scarf; only stoping to put in another DVD of LOST: Season one. good thing I have unopened seasons 2 & 3.

Rebecca, I have been slipping the first stitch of every row to keep sides even. I am on third/fourth balls for a very long scarf for tall nephew.

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