Toasty toes...
Some Flickr Faves 1/19/09

3rd Saturday: 3 Images

Garage gable and snowy sky

This is what it's been doing ever since I got up this morning.  That means it's warmed up around here!


Doesn't she look positively regal parked amongst the various toy vehicles?  This is on a portion of the windowsill in hubs' studio.

Dreaming of summer

This is another part.



Enjoy your warm spell.

We no longer have snow, or even rain. Even the biting wind died, but instead we start with half a day of fog followed by low cloud cover and highs in the low 40s for about an hour in the afternoon after which it returns to the 30s. Not good for weather photos at all.


We've got snow today and it has warmed up to a balmy 29!


We just have the dreaded January inversion. Why does the "stuff" of your DH's life look so much more interesting that the "stuff" from my life? lol


Above zero for awhile here on Saturday, too. It felt like a normal winter day instead the cold depths of hell, yay. Of course, as soon as it warmed up at all it snowed, too. Oh, well, that's January in Wisconsin...


Our "mantel" looks much like your windowsill... but then that "living room" is more like laboratory/library, so I guess that makes sense!

You have shoes like mine! Glad to know the insole is washable!



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