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Maddy's not usually so willing a model, so I wouldn't hold my breath thinking you'll see her here tomorrow for the Happy Trifecta.  I had Katie modeling an FO this evening, though, and I shot a few of just her -- one of the three best WIPs that I never tire of tweaking (there's less and less of that).

Anyway... It's a Turn A Square:


There are a few details on the Flickr pages and also on Ravelry.

I had a great New Year's Day -- I was very deliberate about most of the things I did today.  I "worked out," I flossed my teeth, I spent time with people I love, I laughed, I hugged, I took a nap with a baby, I played, I ate well, I finished one knitting project and will likely have another tomorrow.  It was a very good way to spend the day that starts a new year.

I'm not too late to wish my friend Cara a Happy Birthday, either!!



They say what you do on New Years Day will set the tone for the rest of the year. You're set!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Great hat, great shot!I like the style in n both. Wishing you a wonderful year--


Great pictures of Katie and it sounds like you had a wonderful first day of the year.


love the photos of your two girls on the past two posts. You are such a fabulous photographer!!
and your turn a square hat is one of the prettiest I've seen yet.

New Year's blessings.


I love that pattern - but your pictures and your tweak give it a whole new level of glamour. Great work!


Great hat, great photos, great day!


I've been seeing Turn a Square pop up everywhere and I'm soooo itching to try it!

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