A day of "rest"
T is for...

No rest for the wicked

I didn't want to do it.  The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning, as it does every workday morning, and I hit snooze (as I also do most workday mornings).  When it went off the second time, I rolled over and turned on the light, then turned off the alarm.  I grabbed my robe and towels with the notion that I'd hit the shower, then put them down on the bed.  I pulled off my nightgown and put on my workout "outfit" -- an old pair of flannel pants and a favorite old shirt -- tied on my tennies and started a quick stretch.  I jumped... um, as much as one jumps before dawn... on the elliptical machine and started to watch the clock tick up to 5 minutes.  I only took two short rests in those 5 minutes, and also did two quick bursts.

That's a huge hurdle what with it being Monday and all, the first day back after holiday hoopla, icy and cold and dark outside, and having skipped yesterday.  I don't mind saying that I'm very proud of myself.

I'm still flossing, too.

I know!


Geek Knitter

Oh, well done!

It does get a little easier, I promise.


it was mighty early this morning wasn't it!


I did the Wii Fit yoga routine before work today. It wasn't necessarily fun but at least I did it.


Eliptical AND flossing? Zounds, you are a candidate for sainthood.


Vicki, you are doing awesome!

Teresa C

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Ten minutes cannot be far away, can it?!


Way to go! It does get a little easier and the days are getting longer, so that helps, too!


I like this! Taking it slowly but surely and not biting off too much too soon. I could touch my toes before the holidaze but two weeks off of the 3-times-a-week yoga regime and I'm hanging in mid-air again. Yoga starts again tomorrow. Now, to floss.


Way to Go!! I had been going to the gym wicked early, then I don't know what happened, but I fell off that wagon late last spring. Gotta say, leaving the house at 5:15 am SUCKS, especially when you have no choice but to let the beasts out and toss a log on the fire. Way better to be able to do it at home.


Well, you should be proud of yourself. Way to go!!


But is the flossing feeling any better??


Good for you Vicki! Little steps, little steps....that is what I'm telling myself, too! Are you hosting the ABC along again this year?

Melissa V.O.

Oh...oh....the Monday after the holiday hoopla! Such good intentions and having that itching to get back to normal, but what a hangover of a day even if you don't drink.

Keep up that flossing!

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