Wild blue yonder
Toasty toes...


Oh, how I love me some blue snow.

I don't think there's a school in the area that's open today due to brutally cold temperatures.

Many, many closures were already announced last night.

That's unusual.

Maddy was positively giddy at the news.

Tomorrow is to be even colder, I think.

Smell a 4-day weekend?

Not for me... I'm at work today... and will be tomorrow.

That's okay. I have stuff to do. And tomorrow the cat will be away.

I need recommendations... What's your best advice/favorite pattern for a chemo cap for someone loathe to wear hats?

ETA:  I forgot!  E6.0!!



I think that even a hat-loather might change their opinion when their head is cold and naked in Wisconsin in January. imnsho, the fiber is at least as important as the pattern -- go for a soft squishy merino at a minimum (Koigu springs to mind), cashmere if you can. As for patterns, I personally like the look of Shedir and Koolhaas, but I haven't knit either one so what do I know? For my own head I would prefer an indoor hat to be knit at 6-8 st/inch, i.e., not too thick, and an outdoor hat to be much thicker and warmer, maybe with cables and pixie dust and ground-up unicorn horn.

Heh. For someone with zero personal knowledge, I sure managed to blather on, didn't I?


It's hard to imagine temperatures that cold. It's in the teens here in the morning and that's bad enough!

Geek Knitter

I'd probably stay away from patterns which were too textured on the inside. Scalps which have been covered by hair until quite recently tend to be very sensitive.


25 below as I drove to school this morning. The two districts on either side of us had 2-hour delayed start ... not us! we're hardy!


Hi Vicki! My friend Julia is in chemo right now and needed something warm. I wasn't sure...but then I read Claudia's Blog and she was in the process of knitting Shedir (her second one for yet another cancer stricken friend...stupid cancer). It's a free pattern on Ravelry (YES!) designed by Jenna WIlson aka The Girl from Auntie. Anything designed by her is amazing... and anything knitted by Claudia is ALSO amazing...Yep, I knitted it. Took me about a week, it's on my Ravelry site (soie) and I didn't change a thing, down to the suggested yarn. My friend didn't want wool and she was right. I used Calmer (I don't like knitting with it but my friend really really likes the feel on her head...and it's cold here in Canada, trust me!!!) So, Shedir in Calmer. Now, some people only need one skein. I needed 1,5 grams of a second one...grrrr... so knit tightly...that way you might not need a second skein.

Sue Johnson

I echo the use of Rowan Calmer in knitting a Shedir chemo cap. I have knit two of these for friends, and the reviews were rave vis-a-vis softness and warmth.


Gorgeous snow photo. It's hard to get the white just right so I love that you went with the blue. Wii30.


I made a Koolhas out of a cashmere blend for my Aunt this past year, and she really liked it. The pattern has a good amount of stretch so it fits varying heads perfectly.


Delurking to suggest slouchy hats. I recently read a blog written by a woman who has been through chemo, and she said loose-fitting hats were more comfortable for her and the other women she knew, especially for those who didn't usually wear hats. I just knit a "Star Crossed Slouchy Beret" in a baby lama, and it's really really soft.

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