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Toasty toes...

Because I'd thrown my beloved Bass shoes (purchased with Cara at a shoe warehouse in NJ prior to attending my very first Rhinebeck) in the trash last spring after three wonderful, faithful years of service, I was in need of a new winter shoe this year.

I am probably the exact opposite of Immelda Marcos in that I have, at any one time, hardly more than a half-dozen pairs of shoes -- that includes boots, sandals, dress shoes, tennies (what else is there?). My shoes are very personal and very important!!

You wouldn't think it would be so hard, but in an entire warehouse full of shoes, this pair of Merrells emerged as the only real contenders. There were plenty of others that I liked on the shelf, but not on my foot, or they looked great but the fit was totally off (there are many brands of really great shoes that are just never gonna work for me... Born, I'm talking to you), or they just weren't practical for winter in Wisconsin.

I had very real doubts about these... sure, that lining is soft and it looks nice and warm, but would it hold up, would it get yucky, would it STINK after a while? I'll admit, I was a little creeped out about it. The insole is both removable and washable, though, so that helped. And boy oh boy, are these babies warm -- sometimes TOO warm.

I waited for it this morning when my alarm went off... "It feels like -32."

Guess what I'm wearing!




I bought pair last year, wore them everyday and I'm still wearing them this year. They are the perfect cold weather shoe, my feet are NEVER cold. They are so warm I sometimes need to kick them off when I've been indoors awhile.

Geek Knitter

'Feels like -32...' I don't think I'd have had the courage to get out of bed.

Cute shoes!


I got the same shoes in black last year and I absolutely adore them. I wore them every single day. Never had cold feet.


Doesn't the low top mean your ankles get wet/cold? Otherwise they look very comfy.


Looks like you'll need them for at least one more day then maybe a warm up. I may have to get me a pair if this is going to be the way the winter crumbles though!!!


Isn't this cold deadly?
I love the shoes but we have too much snow here right now for those.


Love those shoes. Merrells are great.


Love those! They look warm and comfy. I can't wear Born, either. Or Naot.


I am not exactly Imelda either, but just the other day I was looking at my closet and bemoaning the $$ just sitting in there unworn. Like everything else in my closet, I am truly trying to turn over a new leaf and ask myself, "Will I REALLY wear it?"

Recently when I was buying boots, I was so excited to find Merrell's boots! But it turned out they did not fit my foot right at all. Dang. Glad you found these and that they work.


Oh I bought a pair of fleece lined clogs a few years ago when I was working in a very cold office environment and they were marvelous! But a removable, washable liner is really a plus.


Love the shoes!!! :)

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