How much is that kitty in the window?
Six of five


I was dreaming a little of spring yesterday and when I got home I found this:


Tulips-n-Roxie Tulips emerging!  The focus is ever-so-slightly off in this photo -- I was distracted by our cat Roxie, as evidenced in the photo at left (the big blur in the foreground is her ear).  She followed me as I walked all around the house, checking on stuff in the gardens.Roxie 2  Talk about camera shy, she's nearly impossible to photograph.  Heh... Though there is an awesome old photo of her tacked up on one of the kitchen cupboards where she's wearing an "American Girl" bike helmet and has a pink boa wrapped 'round her neck.  Safe and glam!  The work of Maddy and her friend Katy.  No doubt.

I never cut the hydrangeas in the front garden last fall.  It's kind of wilty, dead and dry... mmmm, but very pretty!  I usually do a pretty good fall garden clean up, but sometimes I leave stuff.


It was nice to walk around outside yesterday -- it was nice enough, though I could maybe have used another light layer.  We're about 15F below average daily temperature for this time of year and there's snow in the forecast!  Three to five inches.  Ugh.  Yep, still dreamin' of spring...

My friend Gale has dreams, too.  She's dreamed up an entry for the Name Your Dream Assignment contest and I hope you'll consider voting for her.  THE DEADLINE IS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!

Heifer and knitters have been a pretty good combo so far, it would be awesome to see Gale's vision become reality.

Okay.  Have a great Friday (yay!).  I'm going to try and make that focused list now of all the thoughts swirling around in my head.



We're still dreaming,'s snowing NOW. Love the dried hydrangea picture.


I used to love walking around the yard with my mom, looking for signs of spring.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Thanks for posting this Vicki!! I have less than two hours and am SO CLOSE to being a finalist--I'm the the top 25, just running out of places to pass the word, Cross fingers, hold breath...

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