Doctor's orders: Eat cheesecake!

How much is that kitty in the window?

Kitty in the window

I think the kitties are looking forward to spring's arrival, too.  Sheesh.  Hurry up, already!!  I am starved for something fresh, green, and growing.

I don't really have much to report.  So a little "random," it is!

1.  I talked with my youngest sister yesterday.  She is moving into a new (to her) house this weekend and needed some decorating advice.  She's already implemented one of my great ideas for the dining area and says that I'm full of good ideas.  ; )  I haven't seen that yet, and I can't wait!  Anyway, they had to replace a bunch of windows and that messed up the siding on the front -- which they do not want to replace, but do need to fix -- so she told me her plan and asked, "What do you think about that?" and I wondered, "Why don't you think about trying this?"  I'm so anxious to see it all finished.  If things work out, I might head down for a day this weekend.

2.  Or maybe not.  I should really stay home and get caught up.

3.  I wouldn't be helping with any moving or lifting -- heavy, light, or otherwise.  My back is SO much better -- I turned a corner yesterday -- but it's still a little sore and tender.  I continue icing now and then.  There are no sudden moves happenin' over here yet.

4.  I should make a detailed and focused To-Do List -- Tuesday's was kind of out there.

5.  I talked with the other twin yesterday, too.  Why did she call me?  Oh, yeah.  She called last time while watching American Idol because she wanted me to check out and consider a resemblance between contestant Allison and my Alison.  She called last night during American Idol to say, "Never mind."  She's also one of those teachers you may have read about who received a lay-off notice, so we talked job hunting, too.

6.  Yuck.  Is there anything worse than job hunting?  (Yes, I'm counting my lucky stars.)

7.  So far, I have finished four 5-inch squares for Luke's blanket.  I'd like to knock off a few more before sending off this batch.  The thing with 5-inch squares is that they knit up even quicker than 6-inchers!

8.  I should really stay home this weekend and get some stuff done...

9.  Thank you for all the good wishes and happy dances yesterday, and for the excellent ideas for nourishment and weight gain.  We're all pretty happy around here, too.



RE: #8: Stuff will always get done. . . sometime.


Teachers laid off? I thought teaching was a safe haven. Come on spring! We expect MORE snow this afternoon. It's never ending, I tell ya.


Oy, even TEACHERS? (what Margene said)

Criiiipes. I'm sorry I did not comment yesterday -- I did read the post, but got called away from the computer at just that moment. Thinking wonderful cheesecake thoughts for your sister.


I am so glad your sister is doing so well! And alas about your sister the teacher. :(

I'm with you and the kitties - green! I want green!


Thanks for the picture of the kitty. We had one that looked much like that and I was missing her just the other day. Not the same as a warm little nuzzle, but a happy picture all the same.


Glad to hear your back is getting better...they are a bugger once you've thrown them out. You rock on the squares Vicki - glad that 5"er thing is working for you :)

Ann K.

Lucy, our soon to be 16yr old kitten takes advantage of the Spring air flowing through the newly opened windows by meowing to the world and reminding everyone, "I'm here, I'm here... please don't forget about me! Send catnip! I'm here! I'm here!" She does this for a good day, maybe two. Then gets bored and taunts the canines.

Here's hoping your sister's teacher job hunt is easier than anticipated. I feel so terrible for those who've been victims of this awful economy. One optimistic outlook? They say (just this morning on GMA) teaching, medicine and government (politics?) are the jobs to pursue in the next so many years. Hmmmm.....

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