Dodged a speeding bullet

What's up?

Katie came down to the lower garden as I was shooting some flower photos yesterday.  I thought I'd shoot her, too; she just had her hair cut the day before Mother's Day, it turned out pret' near perfect, and she'd mentioned having a reference photo taken.  Well, next thing you know...

The look

...I'm getting a look.  You can just tell there's something up, can't you?  Then...

Chips on the ground

...she threw the corn chips she was eating on the ground.  She picked them up...

Chips in mid air

...and did it again!

* * * * *
The weekend was mighty fine.  Mom and I watched the little boys yesterday morning during the graduation ceremony.  The celebratory family dinner on Saturday was fun and there was lots of great food, including the best tiramisu I've ever had.

Cream Cheese Love

That's Addison's cream cheese handprint on my sweater.  He left traces across my entire back, trying to sneak around behind me, ending with this nearly perfect print in the area of my right shoulder.  He was pretty involved with the eating of a bagel with cream cheese on Saturday.  Heh.  That I gleefully took it outside for a blog photo before throwing it in the wash makes me think that perhaps the blogging mojo hasn't completely left the building after all.



The photo with the chips is priceless. I don't know what to say about you taking a photo of a cream cheese handprint! LOL


Is Katie's haircut asymetrical, or is it just the way it is hanging in the photo? Awesome photo with the chips in the air!


She's a kook and a doll!


Katie reminds me of a movie star - I just can't figure out'll come to me though!

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