Hi. I've been busy!

Chilly weekend!

Baking bread and stirring up a pot of soup isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind for an early June meal. Heh. This was not your typical early June weekend. Not only did I make soup and bread, I turned the furnace back on, too.


1. Artisan Bread!, 2. Bread on the peel, 3. Spinach, 4. Cream of Spinach Soup

I have a tiny twinge of guilt about the furnace... and being wimpy.  Tiny twinge.  A warm tiny twinge.  We have a big old house with hardwood floors throughout and, while I love the way they look, I do have thoughts of carpeting now and then... especially in January.  My guilt was lessened some when I opened the gas bill and saw that, because of my reprogramming of the programmable thermostat last winter, my monthly payment will be going down.  I've earned a few warm days in early June -- when it's supposed to be warm!


1. Friday ride, 2. Getting ready to ride

I knew on Friday that I'd better enjoy every nice minute, so sat out on the front porch for a while.  Katie knew that opportunities for biking over the weekend would be few, too, so Mickey and I watched as she took off.  The girl bought a new bike and has been a cycling fool!  Lovin' it.


1. Mickey, 2. Mickey, 3. Mickey, 4. MickeyOh, Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!

We never really had stormy weather over the weekend, just craptacular weather.  Where is the stormy weather, by the way?  It seems like we've hardly had any flashing or rumbling, no tornado watches or warnings (which is OK, really), or even much good cloud-/sky-watching this year.

I felt bad for all the kids who had graduation parties planned, and also for the various festivals going on... the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival and the Greek-Serbian Festival, to name a couple.  I was determined to eat Greek, so we donned jackets and grabbed umbrellas late on Saturday and (quickly) enjoyed souvlaki and baklava.  Attendance was so bad that, by the time we got there, desserts were being sold 2-for-1... what were they going to do with it all???  I ended up with a small tray of baklava and another of a dessert that I don't remember the name of, made with most of the same ingredients but looking more like shredded wheat.  All of it to-die-for.

I didn't leave the house yesterday.  I watched the Tony Awards and tried to fix my screwed up Harmonia's Rings.  I thought I had it conquered, but no... I've got some tedious tinking ahead.  I sat back and enjoyed the show, instead, and thought of Terry so many times!!  She sent me a camera-phone shot of the stage!  Loved the awards and I want to see every single show!!  LOVE Billy Elliott, LOVE Hair, LOVE Rock of Ages, LOVE Jeff Daniels, LOVE that crazy lady show, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!



Love the new banner! Mmm, soup and bread -- you are tempting me to not go to the two meetings I am committed to this afternoon and evening, and instead stay home and cook.


I got the same picture from Terry! Terry at the Toni's it was the highlight of my weekend. lol
Baklava....oh my that sounds like heaven.


I oould use some soup right now. Oh hey - I can do whatever I want which includes eating whatever I want!

Kay - From the Back Yard

I turned the furnace back on, too.

That bread looks wonderful!


Oh Vicki
You're so mean
You're so mean
You've blown my mind
(with this song)
Oh Vicki

You realize that NOTHING in this world is known to remove this insidious ear worm once it gets inside our heads?! Oh NOooooo. We'll all have it in our heads all day. (grin)


Bread looks delicious!


Mmmm. I did not bake bread, but I did make soup. Delicious black bean soup. But that spinach soup is making my mouth water. The only thing I can say about this cool weather is that it is good for my asparagus and greens.


If the furnace was working, it would be ON! The woodstove is, this is ridiculous. It's June, for goodness sake.
It is still soup weather. Some of our floors are flagstone so you can imagine how toasty they are. NOT. We are hoping to do under floor heating by next winter, which feels like oh, 2 weeks away.
Love the photos, always.


I, too have been looking longingly at the thermostat. No doubt we'll be melting soon. I LOVE the new picture in your banner. It seems to perfectly capture such a happy moment.

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