Chilly weekend!


Good grief, some days it's really hard to get a post off the ground.  I have started no less than four times today.  Either I can't string thoughts together cohesively -- which I usually just dub a "Random" post and be done (truth be told, it's pretty much what I mean by "Noodlin'") -- or I can't catch a thought at all, or when I do catch one it just doesn't seem interesting enough, or the color is off...


The irises at the labyrinth garden were beautiful last night, but I may have overdone it a bit in the processing.  Or maybe not.  It's getting so that I can't even tell.  They were gorgeous and I was shooting into the light a bit -- it changes things.

The weather is going to change, that much I know.  I can feel it in my ankles and when I can feel it, you can usually see it, too.  It sure is gorgeous today, but that'll all be changing soon.  We'll be lucky to see 60 over the weekend.  The only good thing is that there's a good chance for STORMS, especially tonight.

A stop after work last night ran a little longer than expected, so I missed Zumba.  I am definitely going tomorrow morning -- I actually love starting my Saturday that way and, really, only wish that the class started an hour earlier.  My next visit will necessitate the purchase of a new punch card for future visits!  That'll be 10, plus another 5 or so that I paid for individually.  I have not lost any weight -- not an ounce -- but try stay optimistic and hopeful that it will happen eventually.  (Please?  I'm not asking for Twiggy!)  I've been eating better, trying (that word!) to eat less, drinking less soda and more water; I'm moving more, feeling and sleeping better; my knees hurt less.  I'm not encouraging the knees by talking about them much and if we can get back to "normal" soon enough, I'm more than willing to forget this painful episode ever happened.  Oh, I am loathe to talk about sore knees, cankles, support hose!  What next... you wanna hear about my hearing?  What??

The labyrinth garden is not on a route I take often these days, and haven't stopped since last fall, but I had my camera and it was a lovely evening...


I've yet to walk it.  I will.  Maybe you can find one near you!


This wind chime is huge.  I love the sun flare in this photo -- especially the rainbow "notes" at the bottom of the chimes.

A couple of iris from home with the borrowed lens before I had to send it back.  Yesterday.  DH did the deed.


The blue-gray bokeh in the photo below is my celtic "tombstone" from Target's Halloween collection a few years ago.  It's a year 'round garden ornament at my house.


I did some work last night and then took the rest of the night off and KNIT (imagine that!) while watching reruns.  I just made the second set of increases on Harmonia's Rings and am nearing the end of the first (of two) balls of yarn.  I stopped at Iris Fine Yarns on Tuesday night and ordered the Habu Konyaku Root Sizing Silk for Mim's new scarf, Transverse.  I ordered purple!  I haven't been able to stop thinking about Transverse since I saw it, so I had to take action.

If the weather is tolerable at all, I'm hoping to visit a local Greek/Serbian Festival tomorrow.  Food is my main goal, accompanied by music and dancing.  Otherwise, it'll just be a weekend at home and there's plenty to do there.  Next weekend, I'll be at a party celebrating Mack's 4th birthday, if you can believe that!



Oooooh I love that windchime picture!!!


Love the flowers and the labyrinth - hope there will be photos from the festival!


Oh, Mim has such lovely stuff. And you just had to go and show me something new, didn't you?


Your pictures are always so beautiful you don't even need much in the way of words. Not that I don't want to read what you have to say, though!
So, what's the verdict on the lens? Did you love it to pieces?


ALL the pictures are stunning! You'll start to see the pay off of eating, sleeping and moving. While watching the weather channel last night I saw the storms over your area! They were huge! Hope they passed by quickly.


I LOVE labyrinths! We have two really close by - on really little one and one not so little.


hearing before hemorrhoids please.

Lovely iris! I have such a hard time capturing purples and blues... and greens... and some reds. Blame it on the point and shoot... but it's a camera I'll carry and use frequently, so therefore the best one for me!


Oh, and remember that you often lose inches, and gain, like you said, energy, sleep, etc, before you lose weight. Remember muscle weighs more than fat!


My hip and knee have arthritis but walking my local labyrinth is very soothing to my body and mind. You should try one- thanks for the picture just seeing your lovely labyrinth soothed me.

Mary in Boston

Actually muscle and fat weigh the same, but muscle is denser and takes up less space! And burns more calories!!!

A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, but the pound of muscle will be smaller. More muscle means your clothes fit better! :-)

Love the look of the blog!

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