Ten on Tuesday

Can you believe it?

At this time next week, it'll be August!  The summer sure does fly.


For nearly 20 years, most summertime weekends mean art fairs to us.  Sometimes we're lucky and they're very close by!  Katie, especially, used to accompany her dad to out-of-town fairs, sometimes bringing a friend, sometimes setting up her own display of work.  I thought of that yesterday when I saw a basket in a jeweler's booth with a sign that read:  BRENDAN'S BEADED BRACELETS - $1.00.

I was able to attend a realtor's open house at one of the few houses in town that I'd have traded for my own.  I used to drive by every night after picking up Katie & Ali from day care -- it was almost right on the way home.  At the time, it was in a terrible state of disrepair, but oh, the possibilities!  Gorgeous lot, right on the river, big old Victorian with curved windows, a big porch... no paint on the siding, overgrown yard, doors flapping in the wind during stormy weather... it was hard to know if it was even occupied.  Pregnant with Maddy, I dragged DH onto the property to poke around, and I learned then that it was occupied.

I checked the tax rolls for property information, and was told that there were at least a dozen inquiries about the property every year.  Eventually, the owner died and an alert realtor informed an interested party and the deed was done before you could say "For Sale."  Turned out, it was the pastor of my then-neighbor's church and the congregation was very helpful in spiffing that place right up.  They did an amazing job of restoration throughout and I was quite happy with how it turned out (from what I could see), considering that it was not mine.

A few years ago they added a 3-story abomination to the rear of the house andyesterday I was able to see it for myself.  While it was pretty spectacularly done, inside and out, and incorporated many historical architectural elements, and the kitchen was certainly to die for, I still regard it as an abomination.  The house is absolutely enormous and crammed with stuff (drool-worthy antiques of every kind) -- and only two people lived there!  Curiosity satisfied, anyway; I'm glad I was able to look.  I'd never be able to afford the nearly $600,000 price tag -- especially since I'd have to tear that addition off!


I came home and opened my Etsy shop.  I signed up ages ago, but I had lots to learn.  And now it's done!  You can find me at (and also in the sidebar at right)!  Heart me, I'm lonely!!  I've currently listed only blank, printed notecards from my photographs -- singles and a couple of boxed sets.  I'm interested in knowing what you think, what else you might like to see!


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Yay, Vicki! Consider yourself hearted!


A pastor bought a $600K fixer-upper house? I'm clearly in the wrong field...


The house sounds lovely, even with that addition.


What? No picture of the spectacular house?


Your photos and your St. Brigid are lovely!


I had the same reaction as kmkat (though I realize that the original price was NOT 600K). Perhaps the pastor is really a drug dealer or sumpin. I'm so cynical.

Anyhoo..... LOVE your cards. When I get home, I'm going to poke around in Etsy. Right now -- gotta run for a med school lecture. Ah, woe is me. :D


Yay! Your pictures on cards! It's nice to dream, but the upkeep on a house like that must be a killa, too!


Have you considered some prints (frame-able) in addition to the cards? Like your 'jammies on the line shot or something similar? Or maybe make one just for me? :D

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