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Hello, It's Me!




I bought a used but new-to-me camera recently and am trying to work out some color issues and settings, so took some SPs yesterday.  Heh.  I fell off the Flickr 365 SP thing in early April (3 months ago already!) at around Day 115.  I kind of miss it -- life is CRAZY but that was a constant -- and kind of not.  After 115 days and a bazillion takes, I can now look at a photograph of myself and not cringe.  Too much.  Sometimes.  Heh.

Company's coming today!  I've got a lot of work to do!!



I just gave you a big peck on the cheek! Happy 4th!!

Word Lily

I like your glasses!


Hello it's you! great pictures!


Oh, how I know that feeling. But just doing it, and learning to accept and love ourselves, makes it easier. Sometimes. A little. Hahaha.


I feel as if I could have a conversation with you as the photo looks so real.


Every time I come to your blog I think about how cool it is that you put up lots of pictures of yourself. Excellent self-image, m'dear!


*I* could look at pictures of you all day long! :O

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