Fun Fourth

Hosta la Bokeh, Baby!

Hosta la Bokeh, Baby

...with knitting.

Transversing the hostas

I used up the first of four balls of yarn on the Transverse Scarf last night.  I couldn't help but throw it into the Blue Angel hosta for photos when I got home from the rare knitting out on a Monday.  I didn't notice the neighbor lady and her daughter on their front porch 'til I was already committed to shooting.  Crazy lady.

Front garden flowers

I'm in love with the red coral bells and purple wild geranium with the greens -- that little hint of variegated hosta on the right.  I have been a terrible gardener this year, but this might give me the needed charge.

The mural begins 

My husband and kids are among the volunteers helping to paint an ambitious new mural in town -- they've only just started with the drawing yesterday.  It replaces a much smaller one on part of the wall; this one will cover the entire wall, end-to-end, top-to-bottom.  I'm excited to follow the progresss.  It can easily be on my route to work every morning.  It'll be an awesome background for some future photo shoots!


This is my favorite part, so far.



Your hostas are amazingly beautiful (no holes!) They are a nice compliment to the scarf. I hope you show the mural as it changes over time.


That's such a pretty scarf! And I'm looking forward to seeing the new mural progress.


My Panda has been involved in a few mural projects...they're as much fun to watch grow as a garden!


I always like the word, Bokeh. That mural is going to be pretty cool. It sounds like a lot of fun to be part of that project.


The mural is going to be AMAZING! What fun for your husband and kids to be a part of it. So much talent in your family!


I am looking forward to seeing the mural, too.


Love the scarf, what an inspiration you are...and the red and purple...scrumptous! I am enjoying my first year garden here and am anxious to see it age and become lush. I am lloking forward to see the mural progress as well, thanks for sharing...

Account Deleted

i love hostas too, with all the different variations in colour or size of leaves! we call them giant umbrellas!
enjoy your summer!

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