Random Wednesday - the busy edition, with added angst

Mural update!


Mural progress to date

That's about 2/3 of the wall, there's nothing yet on the remainder.  Click here for super-huge (depending on your browser and/or monitor) or, at least, pretty darn big.

I love how curvy it is.  My new mission is to get some photos while people are actually working!

From the left

The adorable, begoggled swimmer with which I am so enamored:

My favorite part, of course

Farmer's Market (underway):

Melons at market

"Someone" making a latte:


Let's have another look at one of my favorite parts again, shall we?

Him again

I got so much done yesterday -- not everything, but most things, and at least a start on what I wasn't able to finish.  There comes a point when I've just got to call it a day.  I sat down to knit/rip/re-knit several rows of Transverse while having a little Craig-a-palooza.  Have I mentioned Craig Ferguson?  Totally lovin' Craig!  He's on WAY too late, but that's where the DVR comes in; then we sit down and watch a bunch -- only ever the monologue.  I've never watched an entire show, never watched a guest appearance; I see James Spader is coming up, though, so he'll likely be my first.

Happy Thursday!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!



That mural is going to be gorgeous.


When do they work on it??


Wow. That's amazing.


I'm loving this!


It made me laugh to see the swimmer again. Craig Ferguson is a hoot.


Thank you for sharing the mural progress - I sure have enjoyed it.


I love the big shot of the mural! It helps me see the whole thing and get a better feel for the project.


That mural is a WONDER. I love it to death. And Craig Ferguson too -- I had no idea he had his own late-late-night show. I should probably rephrase: I had no idea he had his own SHOW, late-late-night or not. :D


That is pretty cool!!! I love your pictures! they are always so amazing!


That is such an awesome idea!

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