I don't have weddings-on-the-brain
Can you believe it?


I was up a little last last night, probably due in part to a late espresso at an art opening held at Mud Creek Coffee, so I slept in this morning!  I haven't done that in a while!

While hubs jawed and rubbed shoulders a bit, Ali and I took a little walk around town.  I'd grabbed my camera, so as we walked and talked I'd say, "Look at me," "Stand over there," "Sit on that step."

A little smug

Looking to the right


I don't have a willing model at my beck and call most times (not that they're ever all that willing), so I shoot 'em when I can!

Lake Winnebago

Stockbridge is on the east side of Lake Winnebago.  The east side is far less populated than the west and it is my favorite side.  I love my house and there aren't many other places I'd consider moving, but I'd definitely consider someplace over here.  Not that I'm looking.  Anyway, I was drawn down to water's edge on the way home where I captured a pretty good image for Saturday Sky!

Happy Weekend!!



She looks like her dad doesn't she!


I ADORE that last photo. Fab!


Great photos!


I'm definitely catching up with blog reading. My grandmother is from Stockbridge/Quinney. It is a lovely area. Fabulous shots of a fabulous model.

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