Let there be (off-camera) light!
It's about time

Stuff that's old is new again

Typepad, for instance.  I'm blogging to you direct from the new platform for the second day in a row.  There are some interesting features, such as the ability to edit the permalink -- it's a little thing, but I like it!


This is the second incarnation of my Transverse Scarf -- it, too, is new again!  Upon close examination of the first, I discovered that I was having some pretty bad counting problems and, apparently, wasn't reading my knitting as well as I thought.  They weren't glaring mistakes, but they bugged me just enough and I feared that they would become more apparent when blocked.  This time, I have employed a low-tech row counter -- that pink yarn is knotted so that there are eight loops, each corresponding to a right-side row.  So far, so much better!

I like how the little Blue Willow china triangles on my mosaic table are like little arrowheads pointing to the knitting!

My sis is having a PET scan today... prayers and good wishes are welcome!



Wow, you have a new look and I love it! I've been away too long.

Melissa V.O.

Great table! I hope you find time to pursue that hobby some more, too. It reminds me of the "Victoria" magazine that was published in the 1990's.


New Typepad...jury is out (not that I'll have choice).
LOVE your mosaic table and the low tech knitting aid.


I don't see anything new at TypePad. (I have the $4.95/mo account.) There was some new stuff a month ago or longer, but nothing now.


I've always wanted to learn how to mosaic. I love your table.



Prayers and best wishes to your sis.

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