Silo Silhouette

I don't have weddings-on-the-brain

Maybe a greenhouse, though.  And an innate affinity for old stuff, combined with reactionary restorationism and a dose of the maternal.  Thoughts collide.


I'm seeing a venue.  Can't you see a wedding here?


Clear out all those plant tables and unneeded overhead stuff.  Drape yummy fabrics all over the place.  String zillions of white lights and hang paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes -- and a HUGE crystal chandelier -- and wonderful lighting and seating and banquet tables and a BIG dance floor.


You could turn off the lights and stargaze in the middle of the night.

Greenhouse (again)

There's heat -- I read about it.  Even so, I fear that during a Wisconsin winter one would be reminded of that glorious winter scene in Dr. Zhivago.

Haha!  I'm just dreaming.  Happy Friday!  Have a terrific weekend!!



Oh, the potential in places! I love your visions for the greenhouse and can see them as you describe. lovely post.

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