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Last night we watched "The Potato Show," starring butter, cream, potatoes, a squeaky oven door, and Julia Child.  It is the first episode found on Disc 1 of The French Chef with Julia Child, which was not only added to my Netflix queue immediately upon my return from watching Julie and Julia, but catapulted right to the top!

Meryl Streep reenacts an excerpt from "The Potato Show" in Julie and Julia.  If you have seen the movie and enjoyed it as much as I did, you MUST find a way to also watch the original.  I think you'll enjoy it, plus you'll learn how to make 4 very nice potato dishes.

Only 196 to go!  (You must watch.)

I am also still reading My Life In France and enjoying it so much.  Who knew?  Really.  Appetite For Life will be added to my reading list, as well; I can't imagine a better title for a book about Julia Child.

Mmmm, potatoes...


...from the archives.  Some good stuff there.

A good and busy weekend ahead that will include lots of family, an art show, a photo shoot.  I hope you have a good one, too.

Edited to fix some linkage problems and also to add...

P.S.  Have I mentioned knitting AT ALL lately?  I haven't done much this week.  I pulled it out last night and FINALLY added the fourth (and final) ball of root sizing silk to the Transverse Scarf -- 3/4 DONE... um, make that 3/4 FINISHED!  (Hi Mom.)



You would never guess how many times I've made your yummy potatoes! Time to make more.


I have GOT to see that movie! Your potatoes look delicious...mmmmmm.


Vic, the link for the roasted smashed potatoes doesn't work any more...chance I could get you to send me that recipe?


Hi Lynne!

Here's a link to that recipe:

It even has pictures. ; )

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. My best to you!! Have a great
weekend (maybe with potatoes?).

Geek Knitter

Lovedlovedloved reading My Life in France. What a grand lady she was.


Hugs... I think the card idea is a great one. You take such great photos, I'd buy some!


TypePadThanks Vicki. They would be perfect with Carole's Roast Beef Soup!


My Life is France is among my favorite books!! It hadn't even occurred to me to check Netflix for Child's cooking show--I must start queuing it! I'd been so excited about the movie before it came out, and I loved watching the film! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks...). Did you read Michael Pollan's NYT Magazine article on home cooking, TV cooking shows, and Julia Child? Fabulous article, I think. Here's the link:


I have put The French Chef on my Netflix list too. But? I need to watch and return. (Like it's some big chore!!!)
But I am also thinking of asking for them as a birthday gift. BUT? I am thinking that one of her cookbooks may be a better long lasting gift (I have Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Love it!!)
Sending extra hugs to you. Loving on your potatoes. haha.

theresa/t does wool

I need to see this..thanks for the reminder Vicki!

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