Mum's the word
The rain may never fall 'til after sundown



It's a little unnerving isn't it?

Geek Knitter

My mom called me up when her copy of that mag arrived (she's 63) and wailed "I feel ooooooold!!!


Mine, too! My grandmother used to give the all her old Hollywood star mags.

I love your pictures. Sorry I haven't commented much. Seems like every one of your posts require some type of comment from me. Just lazy, I guess.


...and spied in the mag's "Milestone Birthdays" column this morning -- Grace
Slick and John Cleese are both 70 (!!) next month! That's my MOTHER's
age... In all these years, I never, ever, EVER thought of Grace Slick and my
mother as contemporaries. Wow.


I loved those old Hollywood star mags -- and the True Crime/Detective rags,
too! One of my aunts would always have a pile from her mother-in-law and
I'd devour 'em!

Thank you for commenting today! ; )


fyi, George Thorogood is 59. Just a youngster compared to The Boss ;-)


My sister just went to the Boss's concert here in Ct. last week. She took my twenty-three year old nephew! She already has dibs on my magazine!

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