It's one of those Mondays that can get you down, but I'm going to try hard to focus on the positive and maybe I'll find some strength to deal with the rest.

Want some?

Little boys (and their parents) came for a quick weekend visit.  Mom & Joe are recovering from their trip to Italy -- about which I have little sympathy because, well, it was a trip to ITALY... we should ALL have that problem (or one similar of our own choosing)!  Anyway, I had everyone to my house on Saturday night for grub from the grill.


I don't recall the exact circumstances of this shot, but I was privileged to get a sneak peek of the super-cool and amazing Spidey underwear... right there on the sidewalk in front of my house!

Boys in the house!

The playhouse is getting some use again!!



You have such a wonderful way of capturing the kids. Every picture is fabulous. Sending lots of goo vibes your way.


I bet you had a great time with your family on Saturday night. Margene is right about your ability to photograph kids.


The underwear photo is the one you will use to torture his prom date. The playhouse photo? Genius.


That last photo? Awesome!
We are having a long weekend here today so we are taking it easy. Hope yours is ending better than it started.


Lots of activity in our playhouse this weekend with the Cali girls in town. Alas, it used to be blue too!


Good LORD, Woman, I love your photos. I hope this end of Monday finds you a bit less down and a bit more up. XOXO


That playhouse shop is PERFECT.

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