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Hooked On A Feeling

Mural update

In effort not to show my favorite part -- the little swimmer boy -- EVERY time I post about the mural, I tried to photograph OTHER parts on Tuesday night's walk with Katie.  Interesting choices.


DH was the painter of the bakery.  It's not too far from our house and he's always been a big fan of Thursday Cookie Day... hey, it's THURSDAY today and that looks like my car!!


Broiled burgers, big ice cream cones, AND jalousie windows at Dick's Drive-in!


Yep.  We like our cookie days, broiled burgers, and big ice cream cones!

I had an unscheduled and impromptu Pajama Day yesterday!  I kept threatening to get dressed, kept letting myself be distracted, and the morning flew by in an instant!  Thankfully, the clock slowed some in the afternoon; I was pretty busy and managed to knock some niggly things off my list.

I've been working on business stuff -- for Ali and also for me!  One of those things is a presence on Facebook -- because all the cool kids are doin' it!  If you're on FB -- and can tear yourself away from Farm Town or Bejeweled Blitz -- I'd love it if you'd Fan Me!



I'm a fan!


Can I be a fan of yours even if I'm not on FB? ;^)


That mural continues to charm me. !!! XO


I can wait to get my own first-hand report from the mural!


I'm your latest fan!

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