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I skipped out of work a wee bit early yesterday -- early enough to stop at Iris Fine Yarns to return shadow[]box Rav_link leftovers -- like half!  I didn't return the Heilo because that had been on sale, but I couldn't see holding on to five balls of Kidsilk Aura for no good reason (and, believe me, I tried to find a good reason!).  I took store credit for most of it, but made a quick little exchange for a ball of Rowan Alpaca Cotton -- it caught my eye and I remembered the mitts that Theresa just posted!  It was Theresa's shadow[]box that sent me to the yarn shop last time... I may just take all my autumn knitting cues from her.

* * * * *

I had a calculated setback with my Kari-Bak (Baktus Scarf) Rav_link yesterday when I decided at lunchtime that I didn't like the pointy-point at the half-way mark.  I wanted something... less pointy... more roundy... so I ripped back and knit a few rows (maybe a dozen) straight before beginning the decreases again.  I like it better.

* * * * *

After two nights and a first-look at all of the competitors on Dancing With The Stars, the person I expected to like the least has turned out to be a personal favorite -- Kelly Osbourne.  This is really silly, but my feelings started to turn even before I saw her dance.  First of all, she's paired with Louis and he is amazing.  Secondly, she's looking really cute -- that's shallow, I know, but I'm just loving her hair and she's just... cute!  Even more shallow is this goofy article I read yesterday about dancing and the stars, as in horoscope.  Kelly is a Scorpio, like me, and the tango is "our" dance.  Big surprise.  And, of course, I love that.  And I had a feeling.  And then she danced.  And I got all teary-eyed, too!  I loved seeing Ozzy and Sharon in the audience.

I've noticed Jacksons in the audience both nights, too, and wonder what that's all about.

I am looking forward to IT.

* * * * *

I'm also looking forward to lunch.  I have some of last night's leftover Roasted Potatoes with Blue Cheese-Walnut "Butter," which Katie dubbed her favorite recipe so far.  As stated yesterday, I have loved them all and this was no exception.  I can't even choose a favorite!  I had so much fun, too, stopping at Jacob's Meat Market for green onions and cheese and steak (cut to order) -- it's a great little corner market and they're a hoot; that's going to be a more regular stop.

* * * * *

Well, folks, it appears that the comment situation with Typepad will not be resolved in a manner that I find satisfactory.

The issue is this:  When you leave a comment on my blog (if you can leave a comment on my blog -- there seem to be plenty of times when I get separate emails or comments on FB when people cannot comment on the blog), I receive a notification via email.  Normally (in the past), I'd hit "reply" to that email and you'd receive an email from me, and we'd conceivably go back and forth amongst ourselves from there.

The new default "reply" to that notification email is to POST my reply IN THE COMMENT THREAD and send you a notification that I've done so... so that you can COME BACK to my blog to read my reply.  I think how it works from there is that we'd carry on our back-and-forth correspondence RIGHT IN THE COMMENT THREAD.

Ew.  Ick.  That makes me kind of sick.  I often write very personal stuff in my email replies.  I know, you're scratching your head trying to remember the last time I replied to a comment you left...  and I'll admit, I'm not always the best at replies.  But when I do reply, it's usually because I'm moved... and if I'm moved, I can usually be found spilling my guts and sharing all sorts of personal information that is... PERSONAL.  So, yeah, the new way really does make me sick.  Typepad has been working on some alternatives, but the alternatives are not working the way I want them to and, I'm sorry, I'm not going to pay premium price for a product that isn't working the way I want it to; thank you very much, but I don't even want it for free.

So, I'm going to have to move.  Sometime.  Ugh.

* * * * *

Frog and Duck

I randomly came across this photo last night, putzed with it a little and then posted it to Flickr.  Fits in well here today.

* * * * *

Yeah, I think it's time for lunch now, too!



I thought Kelly Osbourne was fantastic, too. Dale had big crocodile tears in his eyes at the end last night.


My current work-around is to hit "Reply" in my email when I get a comment, then copy and paste the commenter's email address from the quoted text into the "To" box. Is this putzy? Sure, a bit. Has it kept me from replying to commenters? Nope. To me this is far easier than moving the blog, but I suspect you are far more web- and html-savvy than I am.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Hey, I appreciate your inspiring diet action. Good for you! I avoid book or themed diets but you got me so far as to google it last night--and I may just make the leap. It sounds so do-able. Unfortunately I baked cinnamon bread today, using last year's fave that 5 minute bread book, but maybe when we finish it I'll join you :-)


Potatoes and bleu cheese, oh my, yum!
Typepad makes me sick, too. I'm not sure I have the energy to move or to fight or to stay...what TO DO!?


I thought it was getting better... I click on the person's email in the box that Typepad sends, and now have to remind myself to look at the 'send' line on my email program (all blog comment mail goes to my Gmail account). I was annoyed to see that this feature is not compatible with Google Chrome, though it seems to be with the other browsers I use (Firefox or Internet Explorer), all I get when using Chrome is a blank line. I agree, I liked it much better the old way.

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