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Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things You Want but Can't Afford

1.  An island in Greece.

2.  (Or just about anywhere.)

3.  A 20-car garage.

4.  And the cars to fill it, including a 1958 Corvette, a vintage Saab, a vintage Bugatti (or two), a vintage Porsche (or three), a Karman Ghia... that leaves 12 openings to fill, when moved, as desired.

5.  A little farm with chickens and sheep.

6.  Hired help -- a gardener, a housekeeper, a cook.  "Help" is the keyword; I love being all of those things, it would just be nice to have help sometimes.

7.  Extended periods of time off of work without worry of lapses in important areas (such as health insurance), etc., to travel, vacation, explore, relax, get things done.

8.  A fix for our health care/economic/political woes.

9.  A cure for cancer.

10.  World peace.


I love this photo so much that it's serving as decorating inspiration for our new bedroom.  The enlargement, which will eventually be framed, arrived yesterday.  I had it printed on "pearl" or "metallic" paper -- I had some small ones made of it (and others), also, for cards (which I'll eventually put together and put up on Etsy).  Anyway, the ceiling will be barely sky blue, the walls will be in the neighborhood of "wet sand" (or some varieties of chocolate), and the trim and carpet will be shades of "dry sand."


Melissa V.O.

Love those colors! My favorites from my favorite lake, too.


one more reason to like you - the karmann ghia. i've been restoring my '74 convertible for the last three years and sometimes feel like a 20 car garage would be necessary just to hold all the STUFF that comes with this sort of project.

lovely photo, as always! you continue to inspire me to shoot more.


I love your list! And your photo.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

So with you, right down to the Karmann Ghia. I want a '68 chartreuse one. You?


I love this photo too - it's fabulous.
And I hope that you will be adding a splash of the various greens, and a dab of white (perhaps in the crisp sheets?)


Sounds like a lovely calm and relaxing bedroom!


Oh man, I always wanted a Karman Ghia. Red, or perhaps eggplant-colored.
And if you had enough money for a 20-car garage and an island in Greece, you could afford to buy your own health care insurance and quit the day job. ;-)

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