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Alert the media!

I just joined Norma's Alert The Media Rav_link group.  There's an FO in the house and I took pictures!  This has been finished for a couple of weeks, already, and the photo shoot (such as it is) was among the things I ticked off my To-Do List last night.  I ticked enough things off the list that, while there's still some catching up to do, I feel a little bit better and more relaxed.

A quick but good Mexican dinner out with the hubs helped.

Me and My Shadow 

I've finished My fluffy shadow[]box Rav_link.  The shadow[]box Rav_link  pattern by Alison Brookbanks is a free download available at Ravelry.

My Shadow 

I knit mine using five or so skeins each of Dale Heilo and Rowan Kidsilk Aura.  Yum, yum, yum.  It is so soft and fluffy... and fuzzy.  It's shedding a bit, but really not too bad; I've felt as though there's something in my right eye all morning, but think that must be all in my head (or some wild and crazy eyelash thing).

I loved knitting it, but I wasn't so sure, at first, upon finishing -- I think, mostly, that's because I could have knit it just a wee bit smaller.  I also wasn't sure what to do about the "neckline" and "closure."  Katie grabbed it and threw it over her had, draping it very cowl-y and said, "Do it like this!  I can see you wearing this to those art openings you go to with Dad."  And it was so cute on her!  So I've been playing around with variations.

Me and My Shadow

With the DPN?  I've also used a cable needle and a utilitarian kilt pin; I've pulled out the button box, too, and probably have some large brooches that might work.  There are so many possibilities!

I wore it some over the weekend up north, have worn it a few evenings while knitting/watching TV, wore it last night (even after we caved and turned the furnace on!), and I'm wearing it right now!  There was quite a bit of frost on the ground this morning.  It's so cozy and warm, I may wear it right through 'til April.

Or knit another one.

I finished the Baktus scarf at the hospital on Tuesday -- it needs a bath and blocking -- and started on fingerless mitts.  Can you believe it?  All this knitting for warmth is a sure sign of autumn.



Lovely! and thank you for the beautiful photos where one can clearly see the pattern!
I was intrigued by this pattern but couldn't really see what's there (limited me)


Shawl pin! Shawl pin! I'm glad you didn't make it smaller -- then it would have looked like an odd-sized poncho. But this -- THIS looks like an elegant wrap just like Katie said.


That looks great. Very chic!


That looks wonderful on you...and so many possibilities with ways to dress it up with pins or shawl sticks.


YAY, Vicki! You'll love having an extra layer of knitting to keep you warm.


I like it, and it looks good on you, and I might try to knit one up, but with my wide hips...not sure how it would look on me. Of course it could always become a gift. I am going to order the flat belly book, how is that going?
BTW, my hubby and I had mexican last night as well.


Yes, very elegant and i love how you wear it!


lovely! And I think it looks absoultely elegant on you :-)


That is much cuter on you than it looks on the pattern page! Check out garage sales and junk stores for old brooches, they make good pins for something like this.

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