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Marten house

I laid pretty low all weekend, sleeping in and taking it easy, warding off a cold or pneumonia or something -- and I do believe I was successful.  I was supposed to go on a photographers' camping weekend -- it sounded like so much fun! -- but it was cold and damp (all weekend) and I was so worn out by Friday night, I just never made it.  I slept and sneezed and putzed around at home.

The marten house, above, is supposed to be standing in water and the dock -- where there used to be a big old boat house -- is supposed to be on an island.  I've never seen the water so low!

The old pump


Moss on the roof

Into the woods

Happy Monday!


Geek Knitter

Your photos always make me smile. Special favorite today is the marten house.


Sometimes a weekend at home is just what you need. Lovely photos today.


Laying low and taking it easy is a good way to stay well. The pictures you take and the way you crop them makes each one more fascinating.


Beautiful paint on the pump, that red is so cheery. And the moss - oooh!

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