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Thankful Thursday III

Noro Entrelac Scarf

An FO!!  I started out making Colonnade with this Silk Garden yarn, but that was just not meant to be.  I tore it all out and decided to try something new -- Allison LoCicero's Ravelry Entrelac Scarf.

Washed and blocked and everything!  I loved making this -- my first-ever entrelac project (but, already, not the last) and loved the colorway.  My mom loved it, too, so I gave it to her.

Went out shopping and lunching today.  I didn't buy a thing, just watched.  Katie scored a very nice starter set of cookware at Macy's (One Day Sale!) and a few other gadgets, which we then dropped at her apartment.  She'd intended to do some major moving today, but it turns out the floors won't be done 'til tomorrow, so... next week, I guess.  Lunch was at a newly opened Italian bistro called Carmella's and it was wonderful!  "I'll be back!"



Mmmmm. Lovely scarf! I've long wanted to try entrelac. Maybe this is the project for me. . .


Wonderful... I love the way the colors change.


Great scarf -- perfect match of pattern and yarn.

(note to self: learn to do entrelac)


I used this pattern when I learned to "knit backwards," per a recent Cast-On magazine. It eliminated the "turn, turn, turn" of the entrelac. Yours is lovely!


Very, very pretty and it looks warm, too!


The scarf is beautiful and I love the colors so much.


Ooh, I love entrelac! (In theory only as I've never actually knit it.)
This looks wonderful in the Silk Garden. Lucky mom!


The scarf is beautiful and I love the colors so much.


The scarf is gorgeous. I haven't tried entrelac, but this scarf looks like it would be a good way to begin.



OMG, that is the BEST USE of Noro -- I thought there couldn't be anything better than the striped scarf, but this is stunning. I must know the colorway of that yarn, too. LOVE.


Isn't that beautiful?  It's a warm and substantial knit.  The Noro makes it a very entertaining knit, too!!  This particular colorway is #252 -- I used three skeins for about a 6-foot scarf.




Lovely, just lovely.Great job, and a wonderful gift.


Beautiful scarf!! I love Noro! Your photos are beautiful!

Geek Knitter

I just love the way Noro looks in entrelac. Almost enough to make me break my self-imposed no-scarves rule. It's lovely.

steph VW

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Adding to my queue!

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