All that remains is the faces and the names

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz

...oh, what a relief it is!  a) It was the same old oncologist -- she's actually very young and, while there's something to be said for a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective, no one was unhappy with the way things were.  b) (for BEST) My sister's tumors have either shrunk or stayed the same!  The clock has been reset once again.

Random celebratory sunshine photo.

Thank you!  Keep those good thoughts.


Jeanne Klein

This is wonderful news!!


FANTASTIC!!! I'm so glad to hear it!


GREAT news!!!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Yaaaaaaay! Cheering for you , your sister & your family!!


I'm so happy! Ahhh, that sense of deep relief that makes you feel like you're exhaling for the first time since forever...


So glad. Time to exhale.


Excellent news. Good thoughts continuing!

steph VW


Sending healing and happy thoughts your way.

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