Eye Candy Friday

Saturday Sky

Like Margene's, my Saturday Sky is Friday's edition.  We've had a few lovely sunrises this week -- they occur just as I'm packing up my lunch and whatever else to head out the door each day.

I don't have the capacity to choose a favorite today, so you get 'em all -- similar though they may be.

Due to a combo of kinda cruddy weather and sewer problems (thankfully, not mine, but I don't wish that on anyone), I will not have a baby in my viewfinder 'til tomorrow.

So, it's not like I don't have anything to do this morning.  And I'm going to go -- right now -- throw both of my recently completed scarves into the bath.  I also need to find the materials and pattern for Addison's Christmas stocking.  I'd started it once and was unhappy, so tore it out and put it away somewhere... but WHERE???



These early twilight sunsets are really something, aren't they?! Thanks for sharing such great photos.


Beautiful colour gradation. My Saturday sky was blue,today's sky is completely perma-grey.
I had the same problem finding the outdoor Xmas lights yesterday. I found them eventually. They were in the trunk with the indoor decorations as I had used them, in desperation, on the tree last year!


The third shot from the top is amazing. I love the depth of the blue sky behind the leafless trees. A very stunning photo.


Wonderful pictures! It may be cold but blue skies and/or beautiful sunsets make winter okay.

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