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Today's "Ten On Tuesday" theme is "10 Things You Wish You Knew How To Do."  I'm having a problem with this because every time I think of something, I also think that if I really wanted to know how to do it, I'd just learn how to do it and then I wouldn't have to wish anymore.  It's a bit of a conundrum.  Unless I followed Carole's lead and went all fantastical about it and, in that case, I wouldn't change much.

So how about just 10 Things on Tuesday -- which might make tomorrow's Random Wednesday seem a little like deja vu, but we'll worry about that tomorrow.  I'm living for today.

1.  Nothing makes me happier in the morning than a good, fresh, strong cup of coffee.  We've been brewing Alterra's Dark Sumatra Gayoland, which Ali carries at the coffee shop, for the past several months.  DH is usually the morning brewmaster, and has struggled with being consistent day-to-day -- I will admit, almost ashamedly, that I have been grumpy about the coffee on occasion.  Well, I am happy to report that I think he's found his coffee groove!  It's been terrific!!

2.  I stop at the coffee shop every morning on my way to work.  I never get coffee (see #1), except to refill my bag for home, but sometimes I do get a cuppa tea or some juice to go -- a muffin, a ProBar (usually only on Zumba days), and/or some dark chocolate.

3.  This morning, I couldn't resist the cookies -- some new ones that I've only sampled before, she'll also be using them in gift baskets/boxes.  Savory Green Tea Panels today -- a little package of three with a side of almonds for breakfast.  Yum.

4.  After a bit of a hiatus, and one or two false starts, I'm back at Zumba -- twice a week is good.  I still need to get better shoes.

5.  I watched Brothers & Sisters on Sunday for the first time in quite a while.  I'd read that Gilles Marini had a role -- I never watched Sex & The City, but I am a fan of Dancing With The Stars and he was pretty compelling competitor (say that three times fast!) last season -- so I tuned in and, obviously, wasn't surprised to see Gille Marini!  I was surprised to see FRITZY cheating on BRENDA with SALLY FIELD, though!  Heheheee.  Yeah.

6.  When I'm alone at work I don't lock the door when I go to the bathroom.  For no good reason, I'm afraid that the door knob will fall apart or jam and I won't be able to get out.  Plan B: If I accidentally lock the door and something happens, I have noticed that the hinges are on "my" side and I could pop them in a pinch.  I've fallen short of actually looking for what type of "tool" I'd use to pop those hinges -- or procuring and/or actually stashing one -- I'm thinkin' I'd be doing my best MacGyver in that unlikely situation.

7.  The door knob malfunctioned on the bathroom door at the coffee shop a few weeks ago with Ali inside.  Luckily, she was not alone.  (New door knob has been procured and installed.)

8.  See???  There is a good reason.  It can HAPPEN!  Not so dumb.

9.  I thought I'd found a pretty cool scarf pattern to use up one of the two Hundertwasser yarns I've got kicking around -- it's not working out, though, and now I'm floundering with too many other yarn/pattern choices.

9.b.  I saw the Interweave Knits Winter 2009 Preview yesterday and immediately signed in on Ravelry to fave Nora's Sweater -- it's on the mag's cover, but not yet on Rav.  I think I'll be havin' a sweater on the needles soon!

10.  I meant to say so earlier than this, but I was so happy to read about your vacuum cleaners and thank you all so much for sharing!  I still have not decided on a "new" one, but I did manage a quick look at my local sew/vac repair shop the other day and was a little bit taken with an old Princess canister machine -- still need to do some testing, though.



I love coffee, the taste of it, I drink decaf...and for all my ability in the kitchen I can no, for the life of me, make a decent cup of coffee. I have some sort of inability to measure the grounds for the right amount of's always very sad. Also, I have a Dyson, and it is pretty vacuum cleaners go.


Planning ahead for "disasters" just makes sense! Always locate your nearest exit. . . As far as vacuums, I have a Riccar, and I love it. Expensive as all get out, but worth every penny.

Geek Knitter

A few months ago one of our people had the knob of her office door come off in her hand as she was heading... to the bathroom.


I used to not lock the bathroom door when I was alone at work. And then a few weeks back the custodian came in early and he walked in on me. I now lock the door.


I got stuck in the bathroom in a hotel room when the door swelled from the humidity when I was in the shower. By an extremely happy coincidence, there was both a robe AND a telephone in said bathroom, so I just called the front desk and they sent a maintenance guy.


Ummm, Icelandic Star? Gorgeous . . . Olympic knit for 2010. And the door knob sticks on my LYS's bathroom door. You can always tell when new folks are around because they get locked in the loo.

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