Random Wednesday
They say it's my birthday

Thankful Thursday

I jumped all over it when Carole wrote me last week about Thankful Thursdays in November -- perfect lead-in to Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays -- except for the Thursday part and often having to work on the Friday after part -- nothing to do but be thankful, cook, and share a meal.

I came across this photo, taken last Thanksgiving with Christmas cards in mind.  I do believe it's one of my favorite photos of all time -- the whole series is wonderful -- makes me smile and laugh while my nose tingles and tears spring to my eyes -- the best kind.

Everybody jump?

I am thankful for my family, of course.  My husband.  Those three girls.

R at the tip of the Door

Goin' on 25 years.  Amazing.

Katie's Malabrigo Scarf

Katherine is seeing the light at the end of the painted tunnel.  She's off today and hoping to finish up the painting of her new apartment; she even talked about moving some boxes!  We've been working so hard and so long and waiting, waiting, waiting and now it's time -- and all of a sudden it hit me that it's really happening!


Alison has had an amazing year, taking over management of the coffee shop she worked at when she was in high school in February, and finalizing the purchase of same in October.  Can I just say YAY for City Hall?  I don't always want to say YAY for City Hall, but it really wouldn't have happened without their help and support -- for all the right reasons. 

M is for Maddy

Late last night Madeleine updated her facebook status, posting a photo of an amazing drawing and writing, "I skipped English to cure my art urge. Time well spent."  While I can't really approve of the skipping so much, I had no choice but to "Like"!  I trust this girl to know when and how to feed her soul, to do what is right, when and where and why and who and how.

All of them, really.

Trust.  Love.  Respect.

I am thankful.



A wonderful post, Vicki. You have such a beautiful way of putting things.


You have a beautiful and gifted family!


Gorgeous -- the words and pictures -- everything, Vicki!


Such a wonderful post and family!


Such WONDERFUL photos -- again.

Love it and love you.


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