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As billed, I had a very busy weekend.  I didn't cross everything off my list, but did manage some and made a very good dent in everything else.

My sister and kids were visiting on Friday/Saturday, so there was some Saturday morning visiting and cuddling to do with the kids -- and lunch.

I took some time with two friends on Saturday afternoon to see This Is It -- sort of for our birthdays, as we're all October/November babies -- and we loved it!  It was fascinating to get more of a production viewpoint and a feel for all that goes into putting together a show like that.  The soundtrack was pretty good, too.  Heh.  No doubt about it, MJ was a weird, messed up, enormously generous, gigantically talented, one-of-a-kind creative genius -- and I am still heartbroken and so very sad that he is gone.

We had a last-minute dinner invitation on Saturday -- for no reason other than that Bonnie had too much monk fish and Pat had a bunch of tiny potatoes that needed to be eaten.  We accepted, no question.  First of all, I love those people; secondly, I love Pat's house; thirdly, they're all fiber people; and, fourthly, YUM!

I'd never had monk fish before; Bonnie prepared it with a light cream and pea sauce -- her husband is a Spaniard and they visit Spain quite often -- she said they use peas a lot in Spanish cooking.

Pat made spaghetti and meatballs with her freshly made tomato sauce, and she also served those tiny, buttered, parsleyed (it is too a word) potatoes.  I believe I had three servings of those.  I could have rolled around in them.  Oh, how I love the potato, and these!!  When I say tiny... they were like cherries and grapes and olives -- plus, they were colorful -- red, white, and purple.  Decadent, delicious, delectable!  Yep, potatoes.

There was yummy, good 'n garlicky garlic bread, good beer and wine, homemade apple (hold the cinnamon, add cardamom!) and pumpkin pies for dessert, along with homemade I-don't-remember-the-flavor-because-I-was-delirious-by-then (mango + something?) ice cream.  I haven't eaten 'til my tummy hurt in a long time, but I did... DH even had to finish my apple pie.

We ended up watching a DVD slideshow of gorgeous photos from Pat & Dick's recent trip to China -- she also let us fondle the basket full of fabrics that she brought home with her and modeled a prototype jacket that she made using some of them.

I wore shadow[]box Rav_link and it was a sensation in that crowd -- people hugged me and didn't want to stop touching me.  I've shared all the pertinent information!  Ravel(ry)-rousing.

So much fun.  An evening like that always makes me want to entertain more.  I think I must.

We moved our bedroom on Sunday, of course, taking a mid-afternoon game break.  It was a tough day for this Cheesehead.  I kinda don't have the football fever like I once did, anyway.

IMG_3560 I've saved the photo for last -- and small because... whoa, the combo of hot pink wool and bad lighting makes for one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad picture.  Legwarmers I finished during the game and shipped out yesterday to a photographer friend in SD for an '80s themed party she's going to next week!  They're actually much nicer than they appear on your screen.  And warm, too.

I'm working on a Silk Garden Entrelac Scarf -- first time with the entrelac -- and liking it!



That dinner sounds wonderful! Glad you had a fun (but busy!!) weekend.


Yes, dinner does sound wonderful, and not very familiar after reading the flat belly diet a couple of times. No, I am not your conscience, but I am so tempted by the wonders of friends dinners as well, and indulge, because it would be just rude not to enjoy the efforts. I am waffling at about 6 pounds down so far...envisioning the ten and then fifeteen mark. Let's see the entrelac! Jenny

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