Be careful what you wish for...

And we're off...

There is something going on almost every day this month, even if it's just a departure from my normal schedule and routine.  The parade on Tuesday, company Christmas party tonight.  I made the time for Zumba on Wednesday -- the goal is at least once a week during this busy season; two would be better, but once is okay.  I'm good.

Today is my last day at work until next Thursday!  It's the first of two 5-days-off stretches this month and it feels so good knowing that I have some extra time -- I'm sure that's a big factor in my overall I Feel Good feeling.

I'm attending a photography workshop tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar photog faces that I haven't seen in a while.  There's possibly an opening to attend on Saturday evening (need to double-check that one!), and another trip south on Sunday.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday will be getting caught up at home and with work-at-home, and putting up some sort of tree.  Hauling the tree up from the basement sounds easy, but it's big; I think it might actually be easier to get a small (keyword: SMALL) real tree.

There are music events at the coffee shop on both Thursday and Friday nights next week!  Alternative acoustic rock by the Kyle Megna Band on the 10th, and traditional Irish/Celtic folk of The Dortchen Wild on the 11th.  I've missed previous shows by both, and I've pledged not to miss these!  Woohoo, my toes are tappin' already!!

I guess I'm doing the month-long play-by-play here.  It's all written out on a calendar and on a list, but I have this strange need to type it all out and describe it a little more than the calendar square or my scrap of paper allow.

Maddy won't be home this weekend but will be home next, and then for the holiday break after finals -- around the middle of the month.

In a strange turn of events, I'll be attending a cookie decorating workshop with Katie, Ali, and five friends on Monday the 14th.  All you need do is click on the link (right there, upper left) to see one of the things that drew me in.  I've never really ever been caught up much in the holiday baking frenzy, and I'm not particularly interested in baking or frosting cookies, but decorating cookies -- big cookies -- that's a whole 'nother thing.  I am so excited about this that it's almost a little scary.

My book club cookie exchange is on the 16th.  (I won't be exchanging decorated cookies.)  I'm still collecting my thoughts -- and recipes -- I have a little time.

At this point, with a couple of days off heading in, it looks like the stretch before Christmas is clear.  I know that things can change quickly -- and I'm open.  I'm good.  I'm feeling strangely calm and excited all at the same time.

New Year's?  Not sure yet.  That seems way far off -- and nothing I ever want to make a big deal of, anyway.  If we feel like doing something, it'll come together; if we don't, it won't.  I'm good.

It looks like the same photo as yesterday, but it isn't.  It's not what I wanted to post today -- short story, but boring -- so, the little bit o' bokeh near the middle is from some LED lights on a small tree.  Hohoho.  I'm good.



Isn't it nice to fill a calendar with things you're excited about! Now that's some real holiday magic! :-) Enjoy.


Your schedule is so full, but everything sounds wonderful. Now more than ever I'd like to be hanging in Ali's coffee shop!


I'll be an echo. Though full, your calendar has some fun stuff on it! I wish I were around on the 11th!!

I really like this photo's perspective, Vicki.

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