Random Wednesday: Snow edition
Northstar Mittens

Back to the salt mine

After all that time off, it wasn't all that bad going back to work.  But!  I'm glad tomorrow is Friday -- that's in half an hour!

I must find a better vantage point to photograph this row of lit-up trees -- one of these days when it's a tad warmer than 5F.  They are in an area between two bridges, a parking lot and a canal, right in the middle of town.  Really quite beautiful, but there's an awful lot going on right there.

I haven't much more to report.  I'm busy, swamped... 'tis the season... making progress, slow but sure on all fronts.  How 'bout we end with a smiling face.  I do love it when my girls are happy. 



Great photos. Yes - a smiling photo of the kiddos is always a treasure and treat. What a great gift. Enjoy!


Beautiful shots, both. It's frigid here too. Stay warm!


It is freakin' cold here, too. I can barely stand to take my camera outside right now -- my fingers are too cold to press the buttons. Enjoy the weekend!

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