Let it snow!
And we're off...

Be careful what you wish for...


The view from the driver's seat this evening.  I actually needed to scrape some of it off (too impatient to wait for the defroster to heat up -- it wouldn't have taken but a second).  There was snow falling nearly all day long -- there were even some pretty big flakes for a while -- but the only accumulation was a tiny bit on the lid of the paper recycling dumpster.

So I have a few client Christmas cards and things to finalize and then, hm, maybe I'll do one for my own family.  I did one last year... just never got it mailed... or even printed.  Heh.  I didn't take a photo at Thanksgiving, either.  You never know, I might pull it together.  I got the spirit this year, don't ya know.

I haven't knit in days and days and days.  (sad face)



That sounds like the perfect kind of snow to me - pretty coming down but nothing to shovel!


We only have bitter cold no snow. I'm envious!


Light snow here, too, all night and all day. Pretty and cold. And my car tires spun on the frozen leaves when I tried to jockey my car into a better position in front of the garage. Welcome, winter!

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