In review: 2009

Cuttin' it close

The book club cookie exchange is at 5:30 and I'll be pulling the last sheet of cookies from the oven in about 10 minutes -- at about 4:00.  I have to package them and label them -- nothing fancy -- and, ohmygod, the cookies are nothin' fancy, either.  Stuff kind of piled up over the past few days and I was more wishy-washy than I should have been, so I was going through my recipe box this morning trying to find something that didn't need a ton of exotic ingredients (or even one), didn't need to be wrapped, chilled, rolled, cut, sprinkled, or, really, man-handled in any way.  I ended up with a sugar drop cookie that I did sprinkle some -- but not all -- and they did look a little better when man-handled slightly before being pressed.  Yes, I pressed.  I don't have a problem with the pressing, especially since it gives me an excuse to use the set of 3 glass cookie presses that I've had for.ever and have used hardly ever.

So.  They're not the prettiest, and they're not going to knock anyone's socks off (though they do have a nice hint of lemon) (hm, maybe I'll sprinkle with lavender sugar next time), but I bet I'll get the award for freshest cookies at the cookie exchange.

I won the featured prize in a give-away sponsored by Kelbourne Woolens at The Purl Bee!  The Fiddlehead Pullover is actually a free pattern, but I didn't have to download and print mine, and it's printed on much nicer stock that I'd have used.  And in color.  I don't always print my patterns in color.

And the yarn... you'd like a close-up, I'm sure.

 Canopy Fingering in a color called "Cat's Claw."  Oh, my, the combination of baby alpaca, merino, and bamboo is so, so, so soft!!  Wonderful stuff to bury one's nose into.

OK, those cookies ought to be cool enough now.  Time to pack 'em up!



What a nice prize! Do you have a good recipe for cookie pressing? I haven't used my presses in several years (guess that's what happens when the kids grow up and move out), and can't remember what I used to mix up to make them....


The yarn, the color, the pattern is right up your alley! I'll bet you had some great cookies at the exchange and I hope you had a super good time.

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