And we're off...

I have taken the same route to work every day for the past... I don't know, two years? three?  Ever since I was nearly smushed between two vehicles on the highway.  Yesterday morning was the first time I ever had to wait for a train.  Ever.  Weird.

Attended the company party last night, which means...

Web-IMG_4266 op in the bathroom -- continuing a tradition begun last year.  All new bathrooms this year!!  I'm pretty sure this was taken after meeting Sam Adams and before all the Russians -- some black, some white, some blonde.  I liked the blondes quite a lot.

And I survived.  In fact, I felt a way lot better today than I really should have.  I thank water, because I probably drank more of that than anything else last night, despite my smart talk.


gale (she shoots sheep shots)

What are blonde russians?


Vodka and Kahlua (equal parts), Bailey's Irish Cream (to equal vodka + Kahlua), over ice.


Surviving blonde Russians is quite a feat especially after Sam Adams.


I think you are lucky to feel good, despite all the water. Sam Adams, vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey's? Sheesh, woman, you should be groaning in your bathroom.

But I love your tradition of bathroom shots at the Christmas party.


My friends always want to know why I'm not hung-over on New Years Day even though they distinctly recall me having a glass in my hand all night long. What they don't know is that for every Drink Drink there were 2 glasses of water!


Ah, the old water trick! Works like a charm! ;^)

I love the waiting-for-the-train shot! I used to live in a small community dissected by train tracks. It seems like I used to go for months without ever having to stop. . . and then. . . I'd go for months having to stop frequently! So, watch that crossing!

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