Everybody loves a parade!
Be careful what you wish for...

Let it snow!

It's been a busy day off, workin' on a bunch of other stuff, including Christmas stuff.  I didn't step outside 'til well after lunch and, wow, it was COLD outside!  If it's going to be that cold, it may as well snow.  I am ready for the white stuff.  I love Christmas lights and snow!  What I'd really love is a thick blanket of the white stuff to cover the stupid decorations down the street that were put out willy-nilly on Thanksgiving... the ones that fell over the day after... the ones that are STILL just layin' there in the dead grass.  I don't even want to talk about the other people down the street and their stupid ladder.  I swear I'm going to go push it over...  I'm so glad there's nothin' but the woods and trees for neighbors on the other side.

Ho ho ho.  Let it snow!

(The photos are from last year's sister weekend at Maple Wood Lodge near Mineral Point.)



I would like a bit of snow right now, just to accentuate the Christmas decorations. And then I would like it to go away. And be spring.


It's damn cold today and will stay that way all week with NO benefit of snow. Utah is desperate!


I actually like snow. (But not after February.) Everything is so drab and dark here in the winter. The only thing that adds interest - and light - is snow. Bring it on!

theresa/ t does wool

oh...that snow looks divine Vicki.
lovely day off!

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