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Northstar Mittens

Photos of these mittens are really quite rare and I'm going to have to try and make amends. They've been finished now for nearly 5 years. Turning out too small for me, they fit Katie nicely and she's been wearing them ever since, even taking them to the UK & Europe a few years ago. There's a picture from that trip that I'd like to post, but I can't find it. She's pointing at something with bemittened hands and your attention is drawn as much to the pointers as to the pointed.

Kate was over last weekend gathering a few things and she squealed when she found these mittens in the closet. Squealed, I tell you! With delight!! Makes mama and proud and happy knitter. I have to say, after five years they hardly show any wear at all. I made them with Lamb's Pride (Worsted, I believe) and I knit 'em tight (hence the small size), so they're like flexible armor, and they are warmer than anything.

I remembered this after reading Celia's post today.





I am envious... making a fine pair of mittens has to move up to a higher priority.


A fabulous treasure finds it way back to keep someones hands warm! Beautiful work, Vicki!


Beautiful knitting! Your pictures are amazing!!!!


Wow, I admire your knitting skills. The mitten design is beautiful.

Geek Knitter

High praise indeed!

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