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Random Wednesday: Snow edition

I live in Wisconsin and it snows.  Quite often, at this time of year, as local forecasters catch the glimmer of a possible first, significant storm -- say, six days prior... out in Wyoming -- the media build-up can be frenzied!!  And many times (it seems like more often than not, but that might just be me), we might get a little bit of snow, but "storm" is definitely not in the vocabulary and whatever it was that was glimmering in Wyoming veered off to the north or the south, or petered out altogether.  We've had a couple of dustings so far this year, but our first full-fledged, named snowstorm arrived yesterday.

Meet "Allison."  She's a blizzard.  She might possibly be raging 'til midnight tonight -- that's the official warning, anyway!  We haven't had an actual blizzard in quite a few years.

The snow is quite light right now and it is very windy, but some of what fell overnight is very heavy and sticky -- back-breaking to shovel and not good for sledding, it can make some pretty dangerous snowballs.  The tall evergreens at the front of the house are deeply bowing to Mother Nature this morning.  "Give!"  Closures, cancellations, and late starts are the norm today.



No, please tell me they're not really naming snowstorms now, are they? And IKWYM about the meteorologists' build-up - as if we upper-midwesterners haven't experienced snowstorms before and don't know what to do!

Pretty photos, even if it is just a bit of snow. ;)
(Take some more when the drifts are halfway up the windows!)


I hadn't heard about naming snowstorms! We got only a couple inches of snow, but the cold! the wind! I'm staying close to the heater today...


Love the 1st photo - makes me want a mug of hot cocoa and a fireplace to curl up in front of!


Snow can be such a horror, but so beautiful and peaceful. Our snow was light, fluffy and didn't amount to much. Hope you're warm and cozy!


We are hunkering down here -- in the midst of the media-generated frenzy that is. . . THE BLIZZARD OF 2009!!!! Oh, yeah. The only thing that competes with the local news when THERE'S A BLIZZARD ON THE WAY!!!!! is a threatening tornado. Oh, my. How did we survive before Doppler radar?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow. . . but, so far, the snow is pretty darn light.


I'm a little bit jealous. I'd love that view with a fire nearby and my sewing machine humming. Or my knitting needles clicking. and tea.....


How beautiful! I wish I lived someplace that it snowed like that!


Beautiful photo! We have had drizzly rain for 2 days in N. Florida.

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