Christmas Past I


Had a great time at the photography workshop on Saturday -- the subject of which was posing in a very traditional sense.  I am not and may never be a traditional photographer, and I don't really aspire to it, but I don't think learning about it will hurt me.

Afterwards there was shooting; no direction from me in terms of posing.  I was going for the model! the light! the color! the sky!

I expected to see snow when I drove south yesterday -- a lot of snow!  In fact, saw next to nothin' in the way of white stuff.  Look how green the grass!!

It was a great day.  I had a photo shoot, which I did right away, and then hung out in the warming shed with Mack and my sister for a bit while they took a turn selling Christmas trees for the fund-raiser that benefits Mack's school.  There aren't many trees left to choose from, and she sold the last wreath.  Count that one as a success!

One of my older nephews is leaving on Wednesday for a 5-week trip to New Zealand, so there was more hanging out and then a little send-off dinner.

I don't know exactly what all is going on here, but this photo makes me laugh out loud!!

Today I'm doing some book work, developing photos, cleaning, and trying to make a space for the tree -- pretty much all at once.

There are quite a few things languishing at the bottom of the stairs, including some CD cases that I think are Kate's.  I had to tuck a CD back into one... it was by The New Pornographers which, in my current state of mind, I read as The New Photographers.  Heheheh.


Geek Knitter

Is he eating that hat?


You sound busy and happy. The picture of the boys makes me laugh out loud too because they're laughing. Too cute.


OMG, that first photo took my breath away. I love your photos. I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but there you have it.


Gorgeous shots!!! Just stunning. But I especially love the one of the boys. Being boys. It's so . . . real. Lovely.


I realize that I don't comment here nearly often enough, but I love your blog. I love your photos, I love reading about your day-to-day stuff, I love hearing what your girls are doing. Love you. I'm glad to know you.

(gift certificate, checks, cash can be sent......:))

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