Lighting up the sky with the knit-love II

- p.swine

I have been sitting on some very big news for      what seems like a very long time.  In fact it has only been the past month, but if you know me, you can appreciate how long that is for me to keep my mouth shut!





Well congratulations! Good luck with it. I looked it up on the map and it's not near to me at all. Too bad.


It's not mine!!  Two friends in NY have bought a store on Long Island.  It's not near me at all, either, but I'm so happy for them!


Can't comment there so I'll comment here. Congrats to Kathleen and Ann. I want to go shopping!!

theresa/ t does wool

fabulous news!!!!!!!


It's so hard to keep such exciting news to yourself! What FUN! :-)

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