Is three years too long?
Has it been a million years?

Crazy fun busy

Little green heart on the windowsill

...and sunny.

Heart in sun and shadow

I *heart* sunny.

Miniature ceramic heart by JD Wolfe Pottery on Etsy / on Flickr; with strong ties to Howling Wolf Sauces on Etsy / on Facebook -- soon to make a delicious, finger-licking appearing here.

Meanwhile, I have had the past two crazy fun busy days off.  Both days have been wonderfully sunny!  We pay the price for that sort of thing in January in Wisconsin and the cost is COLD!!  Just plain cold.



Cold -- true dat. But it's worth it to have the sun.


Beautiful photos! And who could get through the winter without the sun? I'm in Maine, and a friend's daughter was in school in Rochester, NY - which she said was as cold as Maine but without the sun. How do they get through the winter?


It's bitter cold here right now and promises to stay that way for at least the next 4-5 days. I want to go back to Florida!


Oh my, I have a recent love of small hearts and the bowl is just darling. Now I must have one and find a sunny spot for it.


We've got that going on over on this side of the lake today, too. Bitter cold. Bright sun. A trade-off I can live with!


I love the heart dishes.
Are they thrown and then manipulated?

JD Wolfe

Hi, Elizabeth. I am the artist who made the heart. Yes, it was made on a wheel and then altered.

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