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I'm getting my eyes checked tomorrow afternoon and the timing could not be better.  If I saw you at a social gathering over the holidays, I hope you didn't think I was too weird.  Standing within the socially accepted conversational distance of each other, we might have leaned close to hear, our heads together as we talked -- especially if we were amongst a crowd or there was music.  At appropriate intervals, we would lean away from each other to make eye contact -- and I would lean back just a little bit further... no closer, no further, no just a smidge closer, adjusting, adjusting... until you came into focus.  When the conversation resumed I'd be too far away to hear, quickly leaning in again.

Did you notice?

What a pain in the butt.



It's the length of time it takes me to focus that bugs me. That and the fact that sometimes focus is impossible without some blinking and head wagging. Age. It ain't for the sissies.


ugh! Good luck with the doctor appt.


Never thought I'd enjoy bifocals but they rock and I can see everything in a room or grocery store. One piece of advise, get something light weight. Mine are much to heavy to wear all day long.


Gosh, aging is a pain! I need, Need, NEED my contacts to be able to SEE (because I've had really bad eyesight for-ev-er), but now I also need "cheaters" to see close. I'm about to buy one of those little eyeglass necklaces. Pathetic. Good luck with your appointment!

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