Ten On Tuesday
- p.swine

Lighting up the sky with the knit-love II

I had a pretty good day.  I had plenty of clean water to drink and nutritious (or otherwise, but completely my choice) food to eat.  I knew where my family was and that they were safe.  I talked to my sister on the phone.  I washed and dried my clothes in my automatic washer and dryer.  I drove to the bank in my car, as well as to the store, the post office, the coffee shop, the yarn store; I bought coffee, groceries, yarn; read a new book.  None of these very simple things -- things I take for granted every single day -- was easily done by anyone in Haiti today.

The knit-signal's been thrown up; thankfully, you don't see it very often.  Go here.  Do something, if you can.



So well said, Vicki. I don't know how anyone could watch any of this on tv and not be motivated to donate.


I'm on my way. . .


I agree with Carole, it couldn't have been said better.

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