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Should I stay or should I go?

I made a couple of purchases on Wednesday when Ali and I went to Iris Fine Yarns.  The yarn is Misti Alpaca -- my first -- Color #20, and not a color in the whole works that I don't love.  Gorgeous stuff.  I also bought Booties, Blankets & Bears by Debbie Bliss.  Honestly, does anyone do babies like Debbie Bliss?

I attended two delayed holiday parties last night -- they were both delayed 'til the same night, of course -- for my photography group and for DH's art group.  We attended an art opening on Thursday night, as well as one last weekend, and DH is in Milwaukee helping to jury a show of high school student art at the Milwaukee Art Museum today.  It's been pretty artsy-fartsy around here.  Good thing they're all super-fun people!!

I had time to dash over and pick up my new glasses before party time!

New specs!

...and new shades!

New shades, too!



The shades picture makes me think of spies and James Bonds. Go, you!


Very cool shades...!


Like the specs and the shades. Those pics make me want to take more self portraits. But, really, it's that gorgeous yarn that's got me ooooohing and aaaaahing.


You have nailed the self-portrait, girl.
Love the new glasses.


You look so good in shades.


Awesome selfie!
Great photos as always!


Lovin' the new specs. They look great! I love Misti Alpaca. Really, one of my favorites.


Cool glasses! I love the shades!

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